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[title size= »small » type= »simple » align= »left » color= »#000000″]LCA France[/title][text align= »left »]LCA is your one-stop shop for all your lighting needs, for both film and television. We offer a wide variety of products, from the spotlight to the filters, which you can consult online. Do not hesitate to contact directly our sales teams, who will be happy to help you.

LCA France, led by Yann Blitte and Grégory Merlet, draws on their expertise to meet your requirements, they both have extensive experience in the film industry and broadcast in general.

Whether you are looking to equip a studio, or equip yourself with a small lighting kit or accessories, we understand your needs, your budget constraints or delays. We strive to adapt to our customers’ demand for each.

Our warehouse allows us to have our products available for immediate delivery, but if you need specific quantities or requests, our supplies are easy and we will ship it as soon as possible.[/text]

[service style= »1″ color= »#ffffff » icon_background_color= »#f9dc00″ title= »Years of experience » link_url= »# » icon= »fa-clock-o »]With over 35 years of experience in the film and broadcast industry, our team provides unmatched expertise and assistance.[/service]
[service style= »1″ color= »#ffffff » icon_background_color= »#f9dc00″ title= »Customer service » link_url= »# » icon= »fa-handshake-o »]Our industry experiences helps serve our customers [/service]
[service style= »1″ color= »#ffffff » icon_background_color= »#f9dc00″ title= »Supplying the industry » link_url= »# » icon= »fa-users »]We provide a wide range of products whether you are a great film set or an independent director of photography[/service]
[title size= »big » type= »simple » align= »center » color= »#000000″]Our team[/title][tm_ourteam items_per_column= »1″ number_of_posts= »2″]
[title size= »big » type= »simple » align= »center » color= »#000000″]Our philosophy[/title]
[service style= »2″ color= »#f9dc00″ icon= »fa-globe » title= »Offering a range of products »]We offer a one stop shop of diverse range of products from a round the world to help you kit out your studio from lights, grip, power, cables and more[/service]
[service style= »2″ color= »#f9dc00″ icon= » fa-magic » title= »Supplying the latest innovations »]We know how important it is to keep up with the latest trends and that’s why we work with leading industry manufacturers to supply some of the latest innovations[/service]
[service style= »2″ color= »#f9dc00″ icon= »fa-play-circle » title= »Keep up to date »]Keeping up with the latest technology isn’t easy in our busy lives, our video channel allows you to watch product demonstrations and show highlights [/service]
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