Cintenna TX

Cintenna TX

The Cintenna TX Dimmer is a professional DMX wireless system and plugs directly into a light without the need for extra rigging hardware



Cintenna TX – Portable DMX wireless system

The Cintenna TX Dimmer is the latest in portable DMX wireless dimming system. The professional DMX wireless system plugs directly into a light without the need for extra rigging hardware.

The RatPac Cintenna TX uses Lumen radio’s award-winning wireless technology with 2.4GHZ intelligent band hopping. The Cintenna has a range of up to a quarter of a mile with a one button connect.

The Cintenna TX uses industry leading CRMX technology, all encased in a robust metal case.

Adaptors are available for nearly any DC power source, from 4 pin XLR to USB, or you can power the receiver directly off the light.

A rigging gaffer and an electrical engineer were determined to design a dimmer that would be quiet enough to use on the set. Everyone in the motion picture industry has the same need – to do the job faster and better for less. Consequently the idea caught on and as a result RatPac Dimmers started.

Made in-house in the USA.

Kits are now available.


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