DoPchoice SnapGrid

DoPchoice SnapGrid

DoPchoice SNAPGRIDS® Technology is quick and easy to install. No tummy, no wear out and no hassle. Available for a wide range of lights



DoPchoice SNAPGRIDS® Technology is quick and easy to install. We have a selection to buy online but have a wide variety available for other lights – please contact us directly.

Conventional grids always droop when used upside down. DoPchoice SnapGrids are even upside down tightly stretched, cause of the integrated stretching frame.

Strips of conventional grids are just stick together. Louver easily gets damaged. For every DoPchoice SnapGrid we use specially developed robust fabric which keeps the grid stable. The strips are neatly sewn.

Stretch and install your DoPchoice SnapGrid in 3 simple steps. Cause of the patented SnapGrid technology you save a lot of time for installing the Grid in a Softbank or on a Frame.

Forget spill light – The new integrated side covers block all spill light with HASSLE FREE assembly.
Superior Ventilation – Flexible ventilation caps assures great circulation. No colour shift of your tubes.


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